Giving Items
Learn how to give each item within the plugin.
Command Aliases: eliteenchantments, eliteenchantment, ee
Notice: All commands can be executed by players that are opped or have the * permission.
Holy Whitescroll
/ee giveitem <player> <item> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test holy-whitescroll 1
/ee giveitem <player> <item> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test whitescroll 1
Soul Gem
/ee giveitem <player> <item> [soul amount] [amount]
/ee giveitem Test soul-gem 500 1
/ee giveitem <player> <item> <percent> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test Blackscroll random 1
/ee giveitem <player> <item> <group> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test Randomizer ELITE 1
Godly Transmog
/ee giveitem <player> <item> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test godly-transmog 1 1
/ee giveitem <player> <item> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test transmog 1
Item Name Tag
/ee giveitem <player> <item> [amount]
/ee giveitem Test item-nametag 1 1
Upgrade Orb
/ee giveitem <player> <item> <type> <slots> <percent>
/ee giveitem Test upgrade-orb weapon 1 100 /ee giveitem Test upgrade-orb armor 1 100
Magic Dust
/ee givedust <player> <type> <group> <percent> [amount]
/ee givedust Test magic ELITE 5 1
Secret Dust
/ee givedust <player> <type> <group> <percent> <percentMax> [amount]
/ee givedust Test secret ELITE 1 10 1
Omni Magic Dust
/ee givedust <player> <type> <percent> [amount]
/ee givedust Test omni-magic 5 1
Omni Secret Dust
/ee givedust <player> <type> <percent> <percentMax> [amount]
/ee givedust Test omni-secret 1 10 1
Specific Enchantment Book
/ee givebook <player> <enchantment> <level> [success-rate]
/ee givebook Test shadow-assassin 5 100
Unopened Enchantment Book
/ee giveunopenedbook <player> <group>
/ee giveunopenedbook Test ELITE
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