Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most frequently asked questions with the addon.

What is the third argument when you are adding custom enchantments?

The third argument is the chance of the enchantment being applied to the item, so you can create kit items that have a chance to add special enchantments.

Do I need EliteEnchantments to use the addon?

Yes, the GKits plugin was made specifically to be an addon to EliteEnchantments and not a separate plugin. It does not contain support to run on its own or with any other custom enchantment plugin.

Why aren't the GKit gems working?

The configuration is natively setup to support PermissionsEX, if you use any other permissions plugin you will need to modify the "Permissions-Command" inside the config.yml.

What is the permission to each GKit?

The permission for GKits can be modified individually for each GKit inside each .yml file. By default the permission is gkits.<name> [Example:gkits.enchantment]