Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about the plugin.

Why EliteEnchantments?

EliteEnchantments is an easy-to-use enchantments plugin that allows you to easily create your own enchantments by using either YAML or the easy-to-use Web Panel. Not to mention, the plugin contains 65+ Effects to choose from, 190+ Premade Enchantments, 27 GKits, Custom Items, and an easy-to-use Developer API to create your own effects! The plugin also supports Enchantment Table enchanting and comes with menus for your players to purchase enchantments, tinker items for exp and dust, and combine dust or enchantments to get the next tier!

Why do I have to purchase another plugin for armor sets?

EliteArmor was created in 2018 and has been a standalone plugin since then. Due to this, armor sets can't be added into EliteEnchantments since that would be unfair to the people that have purchased both plugins.

Can I make premade armor with custom enchantments?

Yes, however, it will not be an armor set with special abilities. If you would like that, feel free to take a look at EliteArmor.

How many servers can I run this plugin on?

You can run the plugin on as many servers as you would like, there is no limit. But, please do not try and abuse this.

Why is the damage not the same as on Cosmic?

Every server with multiple plugins will have at least 20-40% of the plugins modifying damage. If you plan on using the default configuration and have over 20 plugins, it is up to you to tweak the configurations to better fit your server. The plugin will still work perfectly fine if you choose to use the default configurations, but you should expect more/less damage depending on how many plugins you have that alter damage.
Last modified 1mo ago