EliteArmor contains multiple unique features, all of which are customizable to your liking.
POTION effect is currently unsupported with modifiers, but will be supported later on.

Armor Sets & Weapons

Armor Sets & Weapons are items that have special abilities when using the entire set together.

Omni Upgrade

An Omni upgrade is an item that you can apply to normal plain armor and make them able to act as an armor piece for any set.
Example: You have 3 pieces of Phantom armor and 1 Omni piece, the Omni piece will then act as a Phantom armor piece.

Heroic Upgrade

A Heroic upgrade is an item that makes normal plain armor into heroic armor.

Armor Upgrade

An armor upgrade are the same as Heroic upgrades, but instead they are per-set and can only be applied to that armor set.


A modifier is a neat little feature which allows you to create items that can make plain armor into special armor sets or give plain armor some special abilities. You can add any set effect to the modifiers meaning you can create endless possibilities.


A crate is a special lootcrate that will give players armor pieces, weapons, or upgrades. As with everything else, you can endlessly customize these to your liking.
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