Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions about the plugin.

Why EliteArmor?

EliteArmor is an easy-to-use custom armor set plugin that allows you to easily create your own sets. Not to mention, the plugin contains 25+ Effects to choose from, 10+ Premade Armor Sets, 130+ Premade Modifiers, Custom Items, and an easy-to-use Developer API to create your own effects!

Why is this plugin separate from the custom enchantments?

EliteArmor was create in 2018 and has been a standalone plugin since then. Due to this, armor sets can't be added into EliteEnchantments since that would be unfair to the people that have purchased both plugins.

How many servers can I run this plugin on?

You can run the plugin on as many servers as you would like, there is no limit. But, please do not try and abuse this.

How do I use leather/heroic armor and player heads?

For leather/heroic armor sets, change the material to LEATHER_CHESPLATE or HEROIC_CHESTPLATE. To color the armor, simply put color: "255,0,0" on the next line down.
For player heads, set the material to CUSTOM_SKULL:[ID]. You can find skulls IDs here, they are located under the Minecraft URL bit.

What is heroic armor?

Heroic armor is leather armor, but it has been customized to be more powerful than diamond. You can adjust the durability values in config.yml.

How do I add a new item to an armor recipe?

Adding items to an armor recipe is rather simple, all you need to do is hold the item in game and execute /ea ingredient <recipe> <key>. A brief guide can be found here.

Can I use HEX codes?

Yes! As of EliteArmor 6.4.9, the plugin supports Hex colors. You just need to use #<hexcode> instead of the normal &4.
Last modified 7mo ago