Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the plugin.

Why SlotBot?

SlotBot is an easy-to-use and extremely customizable slot machine plugin that allows your players to roll a slot machine for a random reward! Not to mention, the plugin will fit perfectly into any gamemode and contains multiple loot tables.

How many servers can I run this plugin on?

You can run the plugin on as many servers as you would like, there is no limit. But, please do not try and abuse this.

Why don't meta items get given to players?

When adding a meta item with /bot adddisplay or /bot hradddisplay you will also need to go into the rewards.yml or highrollerrewards.yml and add a command to the reward.

How do I disable the slotbot broadcasting rewards in chat?

You can disable the slotbot broadcasting rewards in chat by changing the rewardsWonBroadcast and highRollerRewardsWonBroadcast in config.yml to [].

What is the placeholder for player?

The placeholder in commands for player is <player>.

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